Middle School Tutoring

Elementary and middle school age is a formative period for children with regard to their psychological and emotional development as well as their educational and cognitive growth. Educational success will enhance your child's self confidence and help him/her have a better grasp of high school courses later on. To enrich your child's learning experience, at Vancouver Tutor Pro we have gathered professional educators including retired school teachers who can bring years of education and experience to the service of your child.

Benefits of working with our instructors at Vancouver Tutor Pro:

    tutoring session
  • Our students have the full and direct attention of the instructor.
  • Lessons can adapt throughout the program.
  • Each lesson is at the student’s specific level.
  • Easier parent/teacher/student communication.
  • Targeted towards strengths and weaknesses of students.
  • Homework assistance is available.
  • Lessons can take place in the student’s home.
  • Lessons are paced according to student’s progress.
  • Higher value in both time and money invested.
  • Quicker results.
  • Individualized lessons.
  • Lessons are scheduled around the students' availability.
  • Improved efficiency

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