Vancouver High School Tutoring

Vancouver Tutor Pro instructors have successfully been matched to thousands of students in need with private, professional tutors. Our network of instructors include hundreds of professionals with a variety of backgrounds, providing the student freedom to choose the perfect tutor for his or her needs. All tutors work in a one on one setting, creating a personalized program for each individual student. Our tutors are prepared to tackle the most complex subject matter. Beyond that, however, our tutors are ready to provide students help on homework and exam preparation. Teaching students good study habits and working on organizational and study skills are significant factors to a good tutoring experience. All tutors travel to the student's homes and provide personal programs designed to meet all identified academic needs. We hope to provide an overall mentor who brings out the student's self confidence and pride in what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. A comprehensive list of all courses is made available for you along with the course description for grade 8 to 12. All the topics covered in each course are listed so that you may choose the particular topic which you would like to work on.

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