Our University tutors are experienced with the range of different courses and programs at UBC, SFU, and the other local unversities and colleges in the Greater Vancouver area.  Work 1-on-1 with professionals who have advanced degrees and can help you get the grade you want or the test score you need for English, GMAT/GRE, LSAT, MCAT, Toefl, Toeic, etc.

High School

We provide high-quality skill-based programs in English and Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Languages, ESL, Math, Science, Exam Prep, Provincial Exams, university entrance exams, SAT, ACT, LPI, GED, as well as adult high school programs.  Our experience includes IB and AP level courses.

Middle School

Our students receive the best and most reliable instruction.  All of our customized tutoring programs are taught by specialized and experienced teachers or degree specialists.  Our students receive the very best learning experience.

Vancouver Tutors and Tutoring Company

The first step toward reaching your career goals is choosing a tutoring company that delivers resultstutoring session Vancouver Tutor Pro.

We represent a group of professionally trained and qualified as instructors who meet the high standards that have become synonymous with Vancouver Tutor Pro. Based on your criteria, we supply you with a short list of tutors for you to contact in order to set up a tutoring schedule.

At Vancouver Tutor Pro, our professional tutors and teachers are always
available to help our students when and where they need it - and to provide updates and reports to parents as well!

We work hard to customize our tutoring programs so that they are created and taught based entirely on each individual student's specific needs.  At Vancouver Tutor Pro, our students get the help and support in exactly the areas they need the most in order to achieve their academic success.

Customizing our tutoring programs for our students means that our students
will excel both in and outside of school and will have a new approach to performing better than they have before in their studies.  Students must learn at their own pace.  However we are able to accelerate a student’s natural learning pace by making the material interesting, fun, and relevant - a skill  that is rare to find in teachers today!

Each of our students has specific strengths and target areas for improvement.  Our specialized tutoring programs and modules focus on an individual student’s most needed areas and this allows for the most improvement in the shortest amount of time.  See results faster by learning specific skills at a time while also working on specific school or test prep strategies, such as writing essays, critical thinking or vocabulary.  Our students focus and master skills efficiently, building on each step of mastery to enable a steady climb to the top of the academic staircase!

Canadian Provincial Ministry of Education Program Guidelines are an important reference for our tutors, so that all lessons can specifically be based on British Columbia level expectations.  Our students learn skills directly applicable and relevant in Canadian classrooms within B.C. and specific to the very assignments the students will be working on in school.

Our students receive the best and most reliable instruction.

We understand how important it is for you to keep track of progress.  We provide detailed progress reports in real-time and keep you abreast of important advances and steps in learning as well as areas that require particular focus!
These progress reports are essential as a tool to track the student's progress.  Stay on top of what the tutor has taught, and how the student is doing in the lessons, including marks for assignments and tests.

We are proud of how effective our one-on-one lessons are in your home, provided on your schedule.  Our teacher-student ratio is always one on one, and all our students receive individualized instruction.

All lessons take place in the student's home and on the student's schedule.

Our clients have wonderful things to say about the services we provide.  Read some of our testimonials.

Before the tutoring begins, we provide a free consultation.  In addition, we offer a free Educational Assessment throughout each program. These two important, high value-added services are free to our clients, and they are a part of what make our tutoring above the rest!

Call us today at (778) 706-8017 to set up a free in home consultation

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